Seoul Trading Romania was established in 1990 and has its headquarters  in Bucharest,  Romania .  Our  Company  is manufacturer,  importer & exporter of  all kind of fabrics, textile   accessories  and  yarns .  Seoul Trading Romania is also  a   yarn  & textile  agency  representing  7 other well known   fabrics  and  textile  yarns  mills from South Korea and  several manufacturers from other Asian and  European
regions, being  a liaison  between  producers  and  clients. The main activity of the  company is trading (60% of total activities) and manufacturing (40% of total activities).
     In  a continuously  changing fashion world , we are the ones which  guarantee   your  success , offering  you a  large line of fabrics, more than 3.000  items  , with  different  compositions, textures, designs  and  colours, satisfying  the  finest  fashion tastes  and  the  most  incredible  creations  of   designers of fashion. The products Seoul Trading  Romania  offers   are  in  accordance with the chromatic and texture demanded at any moment.

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    Taking in consideration the variety of the offered products, Seoul Trading Romania  may   become  your  supplier  for  the  complete  line  of  fabrics  and textile accessories needed  for manufacturing   ready  made clothes,  from  textile  material,  lining , reinforcement for pockets, lapels  and adhesive  strip  for  hem, until  textile  accessories, such as : zippers, belts, buckles, buttons, hangers, peronalized labels and threads.
     The garments made with our fabrics and accessories are of the same qualities with those  produced in west european countries.

      Our   Company offers  excellent services and various  facilities depending on the import system (in your own name or through our company), on ordered  quantities, ritmicity and payment terms.

     Seoul Trading Romania, your business partner, offers everything you are looking for: best quality  products ,   delivery  promptitude ,  technical  assistance  and  very competitive prices.