Seoul Trading Romania offers all kind of textile accessories (simple or personalized), excellent service and reasonable prices. Here are some of Seoul Trading Romania’s products:
Beads Button covering Fusibles Polythene bags
Belts Collars & cuffs Interlinings Tickets
Buckles Shoulder pads Velcro Needles
Buttons Elastics Waistbands Pins
Eyelets Tapes Sewing threads Scissors & shears
Fasteners Cords Cardboard boxes
Hooks & eyes Garment labels
Press fasteners Hangers
Rivets Labels
     For complete list of products and for more information please visit our Sample Room.
     Seoul  Trading  Romania  produces  all   kind  of  textile accessories  such  as  zippers  ,   hook  & loop  fasteners, buttons & snap buttons, labels & cords, buckles, cord locks & cord tips ,  fusible  and  interlining  in  its  own   factories and  in  system   lohn/fasung  in  Turkey , China , Taiwan , Russia , USA. In case  Seoul  Trading  Romania  produces  these  items   in system  lohn/fasung  it supplies  factories  with  raw   materials , it  organizes  production, quality control and delivery and, upon clients’ requests, transport, custom clearance and reception of goods.     

     Having  headquarters  in  Bucharest , Romania  and  producing   textile  accessories  abroad  Seoul  Trading Romania   imports  these  goods  to   Romania   and   then distributes them all over the country and to neighbouring  countries , to Western and Central Europe. Seoul Trading Romania imports accessories in its own name or on behalf of its clients from Romania or on behalf of its clients from abroad if they produce ready made garments in Romania   in system lohn
    Seoul Trading Romania   exports  textile accessories  to  22  countries  worldwide. Company delivers goods worldwide directly from its factories in Turkey, China, Taiwan, Russia and USA or distributes them from its warehouses in Romania to neighbouring countries and to Western, Central and Eastern European countries

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