Seoul Trading Romania offers best quality fabrics produced in its mills in South Korea, Italy, Germany and  Japan. Our Company offers a very  large line of fabrics  made  of  Wool , Polyester , Viscose , Cotton , Linen, Nylon, Polyurethane, PVC, ( more than 3.000 items )   for  garments , sport items , intimate and   bedclothes ,  furniture ,  upholstery .  For detailed information please visit our Sample Room.



     Seoul Trading Romania produces all kind of fabrics in its own factories located in different countries ( South Korea, Turkey, Romania, Italian  free zones ) . In this case we  provide  EUR1  or  GATT  certificates. We also  produce   fabrics  in lohn/fasung system  and in  this case,  we  supply  yarns  and  dyestuff  for the textile mills that produce fabrics on our specific request. 
      Seoul Trading Romania organizes manufacturing, dyeing, quality  control ,  delivery , transport  and , upon our clients’ requests ,  custom   clearance   and  reception  of   goods. That means that  our customers can require any design (including their own )  and  any colour they like. Minimum quantity per order is 5.000m/item , 1.000m/colour. Upon  clients’ request , we also deliver fabrics in grey from South Korea, Turkey and China.


     Seoul Trading Romania is an agency of textile manufacturers from South Korea representing seven  well known South Korean textile   mills    and   collaborating   with   many  other   fabric manufacturers from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Japan and other Asian and European countries having possibility to offer very large line of products (more than 3.000), of the best quality and at very competitive prices.


     Having headquarters  in  Bucharest, Romania and producing fabrics abroad, our company imports them  to  Romania. We  supply  these   goods  to   Romanian  garment  industry  and  to   foreign  garment  industry which  produce garments in Romania (in system lohn)

and exports them to Western Europe, USA and Canada. Our Company imports all goods in its own name but also in the name of its clients.

     From Romania Seoul Trading Romania distributes all kind of fabrics to neghbouring countries and to other Western and Central European countries. Our Company delivers its products worldwide directly from its factories in South Korea, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Germany, Japan, Italian industrial free zones...