Textile Yarns

     SEOUL Trading Romania acts as direct importer of textile yarns and as an Agency of several well known producers in Asia.

     SEOUL Trading Romania offers textile yarns with end uses in weaving and knitting, divided into following groups:


1. Natural yarns           

          - 100% cotton and blends( with polyester,viscose)  carded, combed, Ring Spun or Open-End, yarn count from NM 17/1 up to170/1

2. Man made filament yarns :

          - acetate – raw white bright, dull, semi-dull and dope dyed, finesses from 75 Den up to 300Den

          - viscose – raw white bright, finesses from 75 Den up to 300 Den          

  3. Synthetic filament yarns :

          - polyester

          - polyamide

          - 100% acrylic yarns and blends